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Exhibitor Profiles

Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Delphi
Contact Name: Brad Fowler
Booth Number: 1621
Address: 428 Gilmour St.,
Ottawa, ON K2P 0R8

Corporate Summary:

The Delphi Group is a Canadian strategic consultancy and solution provider specializing in climate change and corporate sustainability. Over the last two decades, we have completed over 500 sustainability, climate change and environmental projects for more than 200 corporations including 15 of Canada’s Fortune 100 businesses. We’ve consistently proven that sustainability can be financially viable and enhance long-term strength, competitiveness and profitability.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Argentina, Canada, India, People's Republic of China, United States
Interest in: Canada, United States
Product Service Offerings
Climate Change, Environmental Audits, Policy & Regulatory Development, Publications
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Strategic Alliances
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