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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: APP - Asia Pacific Partnership
Contact Name: Joseph Odhiambo
Booth Number: 917
Address: 200 Sacre Coeur Boulevard, 15th Floor,
Gatineau, QC K12A OH3

Corporate Summary:

The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate is an innovative new effort to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. By building on the foundation of existing bilateral and multilateral initiatives, the Partners will enhance cooperation to meet both our increased energy needs and associated challenges, including those related to air pollution, energy security, and greenhouse gas intensities.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Australia, Canada, Japan, United States, Korea
Interest in: Australia, Canada, Japan, United States, Korea
Product Service Offerings
Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Fuel Cells, Government, Green Building, Mining/Oil & Gas, Monitoring Equipment & Services, Pollution Prevention Technologies, Renewable Energy, Research & Development, Resource Recovery & Recycling
Business Development Objectives
Strategic Alliances, Technology Acquisitions, Technology Transfer
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