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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: ARK Co.,Ltd
Contact Name: Hong Sang-Hun
Booth Number: 1609
Address: 25B-3L, Deayami-Dong,
Gunpo-Si, Geonggi-Do 435-060

Corporate Summary:

Our company specializes in sewage and wastewater treatment, and developing sludge treatment facilities for a clean water environment since our establishment in 2000.We are doing our best to develop innovative sludge treatment equipment such as disk-type thickeners and screw-type dewatering machine in the company’s research centers with academic-industrial cooperation. We are also researching and developing digesters to provide a total solution for environmental protection.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Japan
Interest in: Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, United States, Vietnam
Product Service Offerings
Wastewater Treatment
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Distributors/Agents, Marketing Alliances
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