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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Arad Metering Technologies
Contact Name: Daniel Chrust
Booth Number: 1411
Address: Yokneam Industrial Area, Beit Tavor 2, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 537,
Yokneam Elit, 20692

Corporate Summary:

Arad Metering Technologies are acknowledged leaders in the development, manufacture and marketing of wireless automatic meter reading systems worldwide. Our award-winning, Web-based Dialog 3GTM system has set the industry gold standard for wireless, automatic meter reading data networks. We offer fully implemented, comprehensive remote meter reading solutions for walk-by, drive-by, and fix base systems, that require no physical access or visual inspection of meters.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Brazil, India, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
Interest in: Canada, Greece, Japan, Taiwan
Product Service Offerings
Automotive, Energy Efficiency, Monitoring Equipment & Services, Utilities
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Distributors/Agents, Joint Venture Partners, Strategic Alliances
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