The Masdar Initiative

On March 24, 2010, Mr. Frank Wouters, Chief Executive of Masdar Power, will be at GLOBE 2010 to speak about the Masdar Initiative - a start-up renewable energy project based out of Abu Dhabi that aims to see this region become a world leader in clean-energy.

The primary goal of the Masdar Initiative is to establish an entirely new economic sector in Abu Dhabi around clean energy industries by focussing on energy security, climate change, and the development of human expertise in sustainability. In turn, this will assist the region's economic diversification while enhancing Abu Dhabi's existing reputation for its environmental stewardship and contribution to the global community.

The key objectives of the Masdar Initiative are:

  1. To position Abu Dhabi as a world-class research and development hub for new energy technologies, effectively balancing its strong position in an evolving world energy market.
  2. To drive the commercialisation and adoption of these and other technologies in sustainable energy, carbon management, and water conservation. In doing so, Masdar will play a decisive role in Abu Dhabi's transition from technology consumer to technology producer.


Masdar City is the physical embodiment of the Initiative. Home to 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters this high-density sustainable city aims to become the "silicon valley" for clean, green, and alternative energy. In it, over 1500 companies will converge to address climate change and current and future technologies will be funded, researched, developed, tested, and implemented in order to champion renewable energy technologies.

An ambitious yet achievable project, Masdar City aims to:

  • Be carbon neutral
  • Run on 100% renewable energy
  • Be zero waste
  • Have the world's greenest commercial buildings
  • Be the centre of excellence in sustainable technology
  • Be a Global exemplar of sustainability research and development in practice


Currently the Masdar Initiative is focused primarily on wind and solar power, with plans to branch out into other renewable avenues in the future. In fact, the Masdar Initiative is expected to grow two or threefold.

Some of Masdar's biggest investments in renewable energy have been in Spain but the US remains an attractive target - in particular for the possibility of setting up joint ventures to build solar or wind farms - and no doubt Mr. Wouters will be using GLOBE 2010 as an opportunity to explore future investments with like-minded technology developers and financiers.

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