The Urban Infrastructure Revolution

Over half the world's population now live in cities. This puts extra strain on natural resources and results in major challenges surrounding the provision of adequate shelter, clean water, and waste management services. Thankfully, worldwide initiatives to create eco-cities are underway.

During The Urban Infrastructure Revolution sessions speakers will address key challenges and opportunities that are emerging during the creation of new green cities and the transformation of existing urban areas into sustainable communities.

Green Infrastructure: Sustainability at Work

The economic downtown has helped to stimulate "green" job growth and economic activity thanks to the revitalization of old infrastructure and the building of new projects. Moderated by Mira Shenker, Editor of ReNew Canada, this session will focus on how municipal infrastructure renewal efforts have been used to accelerate sustainability and also look at what types of projects are most effective for long-term asset management and community success.

Eco Communities: Designing a Sustainable Future

Buildings are significant producers of greenhouse gas emissions. During this session, speakers will discuss the green building principles, design practices, and policies that are transforming the construction industry. Attendees will hear how cities and entire communities are becoming more sustainable thanks to better planning, integrated developments, and the design of resource-efficient, high-performance buildings.

Future of Cities Dialogue

Great cities rely on in-depth planning and foresight for their successful development. This dialogue will focus on what tools and technologies can be used to help cities function better, improve the quality of life for residents, and reduce their overall environmental impact. The overarching question being: what will the city of the future look like? Speakers include:

Mike Harcourt, Chairman, QUEST, Vancouver, BC, Canada (moderator)

Roland Aurich, President & CEO, Siemens Canada, Burlington, ON, Canada

Peter Busby, Managing Director, Busby Perkins + Will, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gregor Robertson, Mayor, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Smart Cities: Connections for the Future

Cities are becoming "smarter" as their environmental footprints decrease due to the development and implementation of new data and energy management systems. Join speakers from The Geller Group, EnBW Energie Baden-Wurttemberg AG, Toronto Hydro Corporation, Pulse Energy, and Powertech Labs Inc. as they discuss the part new software, the Internet, and cutting-edge technologies will play in the coming smart "grid" revolution.

Energizing Our Cities

More than ever before, municipal leaders have their choice of alternative and renewable energy options to power cities and towns. During this session attendees hear how new energy technologies and applications for industrial, commercial, and residential development are driving clean power to energize our cities.

Plug-in Car Recharging Infrastructure: Case studies for Municipalities

Two main obstacles impede the early adoption and integration of electric cars, these being:


  1. The lack of recharging infrastructure
  2. The high cost of electric and plug-in hybrid cars verses traditional internal combustion engine vehicles


Some government entities in Canada are offering incentives and solutions to these problems. The Province of Ontario is offering up to $10,000 towards the purchase of an electric car, and in Vancouver ten percent of parking spots in new condominiums will be outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations. During this panel speakers will look at the challenges, strategies, and case studies that will help city and municipal mangers devise action plans for installing recharging infrastructure.

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