Climate Change & Carbon Management

Climate change continues to present businesses with enormous economic opportunities. And it will be those companies that seek out these opportunities and act proactively amidst environmental risks that will benefit the most.

By engaging in initiatives such as carbon trading, carbon capture and storage, and low carbon shipping business will be able to adapt and flow with the necessary constraints of a carbon-constrained global economy.

During these sessions major players involved in the development of these climate change practices and policies will address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Now What? Dialogue on Implications For Business from COP15

This dialogue will focus on how businesses can create short and long-range planning decisions despite the lack of outcomes from the COP15 meeting in Denmark. It will focus on how these lack of results are affecting business strategies and how companies are assessing ongoing climate change policies at international, national, and regional levels.  Speakers include:

Velma McColl, Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Ottawa, ON, Canada (Moderator)

Daniel J. Gagnier, Chairman, Board of Directors, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Rawdon, QC, Canada

Daniel T. Hendrix, President & CEO, Interface Inc., Atlanta, GA, USA

David Parker, Vice President, Sustainability, Teck Resources Ltd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice President, CO2, Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd., London, UK

Update on North American Carbon Trading Initiatives

During this session speakers will discuss how carbon trading regimes will work throughout North America. Some of the questions that will be answered include how the various carbon trading schemes will operate in an integrated economy and what the implications as well as opportunities are for businesses operating in North America.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Update on Innovation

Although some carbon capture and storage  (CCS) and clean coal technologies seem promising (some saying CCS could capture between fifteen and fifty-five percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions) there are still no commercial CCS plants in operation. Throughout this session attendees will hear from pioneers in the CCS and clean coal industries as they explain how the future of emissions-free fossil fuel power plants is a positive one.

Innovative Policies for Effective Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

CCS has the ability to divert atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power generation and industry by 90 percent. Even with these obvious benefits widespread use of CCS is not occurring.  This session, moderated by Mr. Anthony Cary, British High Commissioner to Canada with a panel of Canadian and UK CCS experts, will explore how an effective policy and regulatory framework will help to implement the wide-spread use of CCS.

Low Carbon Shipping

Which companies are leading the way in environmental shipping performance and what are the best environmentally friendly transport options available? Join Catherine Higgens, Director General, Environmental Affairs, Transport Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada (Moderator), Helmi Ansari, Sustainability Director, Frito Lay Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Stephen blank, Co-Chair, North American Transportation Competitiveness Research Council, New York, NY, USA, Harry J. Haney III, Associate Director, Logistics Operations, Kraft Foods, Northfield, IL, USA, and Ken Johnston, President, Novex Couriers, Richmond, BC, Canada as they explore various environmentally-friendly shipping initiatives and options.

Voluntary Carbon Markets: Opportunities and Risks

Carbon offsetting has become a popular way for companies and institutions to work towards "carbon neutrality".  As accountability and standardization increases what will this mean for business? Speakers during this session include:

Linda Coady, Vice President, Sustainability, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Moderator)

Robert Falls, CEO, ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associates , North Vancouver, BC, Canada

D. Scott MacDonald, President & CEO, Pacific Carbon Trust, Victoria, BC, Canada

Mustapha Ouyed, Project Director, Climate Change, Golder Associates , Victoria, BC, Canada

James Tansey, Co-Founder & President, Offsetters; Executive Director, Centre for Sustainability and Social Innovation, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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