Financing the Low Carbon Economy

Every year, billions of dollars are invested into green infrastructure and clean technologies. These projects are driving the transition towards lower carbon economies around the world. A number of conference sessions at GLOBE 2010 will address this topic, and explore how financial institutions, venture capital firms, and governments are helping to accelerate this greening of the economy.

Venture Capital Opportunities and the Masdar Clean Tech Funds

Join David Bonn of Masdar Venture Capital out of Abu Dhabi as he outlays the key sectors where investments will be targeted via their two Cleantech funds: The Masdar Clean Technology Fund (MCTF - $250m) and the DB Masdar Clean Tech Fund (DBMCTF - $265m).

The Masdar Clean Tech Funds are diversified venture capital investment vehicles that will build a portfolio of clean technology companies through direct and co-investments. The Funds seek to invest their proceeds to build top tier direct investments portfolios to include some of the world's most promising and pioneering clean tech and renewable energy companies.

Find out where priorities lie and how to access this venture capital funding as David takes you through the dynamics of the funds and the key technology focuses of each.

New Approaches for Clean Technology Venture Funding

Clean technology cannot survive on venture funding alone and in this session speakers will address new trends and innovations in clean technology funding through venture capital, private equity, and debt funds. Moderated by Nicholas Parker, Executive Chairman, Cleantech Group LLC speakers will include:

Rob Peterman, Senior Manager, Global Clean Technology, Toronto Stock Exchange & TSX Venture Exchange, Toronto, ON, Canada

Vicky Sharpe, President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Ottawa, ON, Canada

Wal van Lierop, Co-Founder, President, & Chief Executive Officer, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Victor Westerlind, General Partner, RockPort Capital Partners, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Renewable Power: Key Drivers for Profit

Clean energy companies are becoming more and more prevalent worldwide as many countries set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. During this session senior executives from Day4 Energy, BP Alternative Energy, Siemens Canada, and other clean energy and utility companies will discuss the current state of the industry and identify the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

Brave New World: Finance and Investment in a Low Carbon Economy

This session will address what a capital market would look like if it were truly focused on driving a low carbon economy. How would profits be embedded in the market system so that they're both socially and environmentally responsible? And what are the various types of financial initiatives that would help shape this low carbon economy? Speakers hone from the United Nation Environment Programme Finance Initiative, The Co-operators Group Ltd., the Royal Bank of Canada, and Citigroup.


Asia-Pacific Partnership: Promoting the Low Carbon Economy

With the support of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate - a partnership consisting of seven countries that collectively account for more than half of the world's economy, population, and energy use - this session will allow attendees to find out first-hand how these countries plan to expand their investment and trade in cleaner technologies and key environmental goods and services sectors.

Creating Sustainable Value for the 21st Century: a dialogue with Tomorrow's Company

In this "age of sustainability", it is now not only economics but also social and environmental forces that are shaping the products and processes in both emerging and existing markets. This in turn is inspiring and harnessing leadership and talent that is capable of high-value innovation. Tony Manwaring, CEO, Tomorrow's Company will lead this discussion and explore the new agenda for business success.

Competitiveness and Jobs: The Role of Clean Technology in Near-Term Stimulus and Long-Term Economic Development

This session will look at the different approaches for economic development such as "cleantech clusters" and "cleantech for everyone" and ask the questions: how can we "future-proof " our economic development portfolio leveraging present strengths and identifying future opportunities and threats? And how can the recent crisis be used as an opportunity to re-invent our world and create new jobs in the process?

Corporate Integration: Clean Technology as a Source of Innovation

The use of clean technology in a basic capacity will not be enough to aggressively reduce carbon emissions and create more successful companies. This session will address such issues and show how leading companies are using clean technology to innovate across product lifecycles as well as to develop operations that are more efficient and sustainable. Speakers come from such companies as Cleantech Group, Autodesk , Rio Tinto, and more.

How Green Are Plug-in Cars? Moving Emissions Upstream?

Do plug-in cars simply move emissions from one area to another? Or are they truly the environmental saviours so many hail them to be? Join speakers at this session as they look at the latest research from universities, NGOs, and utility companies to decipher whether or not plug-in cars are a long-term solution or a mask for the fundamental problem.

Converting Gas Guzzlers to Fuel Sippers: Plug-in Aftermarket Conversions

The rate at which plug-in hybrids and electric cars are entering the market is not fast enough to meet the current global carbon reduction targets for the transport sector. So what is the answer? Some industry leaders believe the answer lies in converting existing combustion engine vehicles to run on electricity. During this session speakers will explore the technology and market challenges of converting gas guzzlers into electricity-fueled cars.

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