Corporate Sustainability Toolkit

The GLOBE 2010 Conference and Trade Fair will focus on five main themes. Each theme will be expressed through sessions at which a number of multi-national speakers will talk about the business of the environment. The five themes include:

  1. Corporate Sustainability Toolkit
  2. Financing the Low Carbon Economy
  3. The Future of Energy
  4. Climate Change and Carbon Management
  5. The Urban Infrastructure Revolution


The Corporate Sustainability Toolkit sessions will focus on how now, more than ever before, businesses are making sustainability a fundamental part of their operations. Throughout these sessions corporate leaders will address the challenges and opportunities of maintaining profitable business whilst employing environmental, social, and corporate accountability. Sessions will include:

Wiring supply chains for environmental value

How can companies monitor environmental information, find ways to evaluate products and services they procure, and work proactively with suppliers in an efficient and cost effective manner? Hear the thoughts of speakers from companies such as Strandberg Consulting, Spin Master LTD, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, and more.

The Human Factor: Capitalizing on Talent, Achieving Sustainability, and Improving the Bottom Line

In cooperation with Tomorrow's Company and building on findings from the agenda setting report, Tomorrow's Global Talent, this session will focus on how business can create value through environmental, social, and economic avenues. Speakers will touch on how jobs are being created to fill sustainability mandates and how companies are building sustainable growth through the engagement and recognized hidden talent of employees.

CEO Dialogue: The Current Business Case for Retail Sustainability

Through a large range of operational efficiencies such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and decarbonization companies can successfully embrace sustainability. This session will address case studies that outline how these 'wins' for the environment equal 'wins' for bottom lines. CEO's speaking include:

David Ian Gray, Principal, DIG360, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Moderator)

David Cheesewright, President & CEO, Walmart Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, & Chief Inspired Protagonist, Seventh Generation, Burlington, VT, USA

The Role of Retail in a Sustainable Future

What are the next steps for sustainable retail? What are the challenges as well as opportunities that lay ahead? Can retail build a leadership position in this space and shape consumer behaviour and values, influence supply chains, and help communities? What will this future look like and how will retail adapt to demands for lower societal consumption? All these questions and more will be considered during this session with speakers from companies such as Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble, Mountain Equipment Co-Op amongst others.

Sustainability and the Natural Resource Sector: How to Acquire and Maintain Your Social License to Operate

300 communities across Canada rely on our country's abundant natural resources. How are companies adapting their operations in order to protect these precious environmental assets whilst maintaining profitability and benefiting employees and communities in which they operate? Hear from leaders in the natural resources sector from such organizations as Mining Association of Canada, Forest Products Association of Canada, Export Development Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Suncor Energy Inc.

The Sustainability Payoff

Executives believe that sustainability programs help achieve strategic goals and improve overall corporate performance. Therefore resources are continually being allocated to sustainability actions. But how are these impacts being measured? This session will look at how these executives are measuring the impact of corporate sustainability initiatives on their bottom lines. Listen to executives from Canada, USA, and Denmark.


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