Bioenergy: Fueling the Development of a Low Carbon Economy

Time: March 24, Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00

BC Bioenergy Network

Sponsored by BC Bioenergy Network

With the potential to sustainably supply up to a third of future global energy, biomass is offering an increasing range of energy options for producing heat, electricity, and fuel for transport. British Columbia is blessed with an abundant variety of bioenergy feedstock and is host to some of the world's leading technology developers. Learn how BC and its companies are capitalizing on these assets and gain insights from other jurisdictions as they strive to solve current industry challenges; with a special focus on community and municipal bioenergy.

Michael Weedon, Executive Director, BC Bioenergy Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Moderator)
Jonathan Rhone, President & CEO, Nexterra Systems Corp.; Chair, Cleantech CEO Alliance, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Geoffrey Battersby, Project Coordinator, Revelstoke Community Energy Project, Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Christian Rakos, CEO, proPellets,Wolfsgraben, Austria
Adam Sherman, Program Director, Biomass Energy Resource Center, Montpelier, VT, USA
Sadhu Johnston, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada