Green Infrastructure: Sustainability at Work

Time: March 24, Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00

In cooperation with ReNew Canada

The economic downturn has stimulated new “green” economic activity and job growth through the revitalization of old infrastructure and the building of new projects. How are municipal infrastructure renewal efforts being used to accelerate sustainability? What types of projects are most effective for long-term asset management and community success?

Mira Shenker, Editor, ReNew Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada (Moderator)
John Coburn, Managing Director, XPV Capital Corporation, Toronto, ON, Canada
Sam Sidawi, Practice Lead, Community Infrastructure, AECOM, Toronto, ON, Canada
Marty Janowitz, Vice President, Sustainable Development, Stantec, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Ric Robertshaw, Co-Chair, National Roundtable for Sustainable Infrastructure (NRTSI), Brampton, ON, Canada
Richard White, Director, Community Development, City of North Vancouver, BC, Canada