How Green Are Plug-in Cars? Moving Emissions Upstream?

Time: March 26, Friday 13:30 - 15:00

Plug-in cars are lauded as a boon to the environment, but critics argue that the industry is playing a shell game—merely moving emissions from the tailpipe to the smoke stack. Evaluating the true net improvement is tricky business, requiring detailed multiple scenarios regarding the energy mix of regional utilities, various commuting and in-town driving cycles, as well as numerous economic factors. This session will discuss the latest research from universities, NGOs, and utility companies to determine if plug-in cars are only the latest passing “silver bullet” or a real long-term solution.

Bradley Berman, Founder, BermanWorks, Berkeley, CA, USA (Moderator)
Constantine Samaras, Associate Engineer, RAND Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
David Trueman, Technical Consultant, Thor Lake, Avalon Rare Metals, Richmond, BC, Canada
Luke Tonachel, Vehicles Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Council, San Francisco, CA, USA
Sevag Pogharian, Architect, Sevag Pogharian Designs, Montréal, QC, Canada